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Update, August 2017: The Ultimate Track Sheet has been discontinued. Many newer, better tools have been developed by others, so it is time for the UTS to retire. Thanks for your support of the many versions since 1999.

When shopping for a new way to collect recording session data, insist that your new method include the ability to export in the DDEX RIN standard, a new open format built specifically to store this info. RIN is the result of years of work by the entire industry to create one free, open source file format for everyone.

Silent Way's Ultimate Track Sheet

Final Version: 2.31 (2014).

This bionic session track sheet will make your audio recording session better... stronger... faster! One convenient file keeps all of your session info with your project when it gets backed up or handed off. The next person to work on your project will be grateful.

The Ultimate Track Sheet has easy pop-up menus to help you fill in session info: format type, sample rate, bit rate and clock source. Of course, like all track sheets it also has spaces to enter date, engineer, etc. It's easy, powerful, reusable, and inexpensive! Here's a screenshot of the top section (click for detail):

ultimate tracksheet top section

Next, for each track, you can select the instrument, mic and preamp. You can select from handy pop-up menus with about 250 instruments, 60 mics, 25 mic pres and 25 converters, or type in anything you'd like. You can also add to the lists. Menus look like this:

ultimate track sheet instrument pop-up  ultimate track sheet microphone pop-up

Version 2 added tons of new features, a total redesign, and the UTS now includes the Digital Audio Disk Space Calculator (formerly a separate product). You enter the running time of your audio, number of tracks, and takes. The calculator will give you the drive storage requirements for any bit/sample rate combination. It also calculates the number of CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, or drives you'll need.

ultimate tracksheet top section

What else? Well, you can sort by any column with one click. You can sort the sheet by track, input, instrument name, mic preamp, file name, or any column. Then, return to sorting by track number! For live recordings, it has a set list log. The UTS does it all.

If you need to email a quick list of instruments to another engineer, you can copy-and-paste it, or send them the whole file. And it is formatted for printing too. Try your system's "Print to PDF" function to share easily with anyone. As you dig deeper, you'll find many advanced timesaving functions to help your project move through production stages.

Silent Way's Ultimate Track Sheet just requires Microsoft Excel to run, and it works on Mac or PC.

The UTS requires Microsoft Excel.
It has been tested with Mac Excel 2004 and 2011, and PC versions.
Some of the cooler features do not work with Mac Excel 2008.

If you don't have Microsoft Excel (available alone or as part of Office) or a decompression application, try these links:

   MS Excel MS Office Stuffit Expander (free)
PC Get It Get It Get It
Mac OS X Get It Get It Get It

PC users: If you don't have Excel, you could try Excel Viewer to view the UTS. But be forewarned, you can't make changes, and some advanced features won't work.

Read this FAQ for more support answers.

Th UTS is the product of many years of fine-tuning, to improve multitrack audio delivery from recording engineer to mix engineer to delivery. Thanks to all the unsung engineers out there for making music happen!

For bug reports/feedback or to be informed of updates, contact Silent Way.

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